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some furry shiiiit. i was imagining my fursona as a "skinny queen".

melancholia -

hmmm art dump? yeah.

bystander asked:

3, 16, 24 and 25! for the oc asks :)!

I'll be answering about my oc/fursona Distance. uwu, spcifically my fursona version because she was my original and she has MANY alternates.

3. What is the meaning behind their name? Do t**hey have any nicknames?**

Her full name is Distance Beatrice Anne Highnote. Distance is because I wanted her name to match my user I use for most all my art (and most personal) accounts, Witchdistance. Her name is so long because my full name is also really long and i wanted to keep that in my persona/alt ego (??) Beatrice is jsut because i like the name, Anne because its part of my name, my mothers, my grandmothers, and my great grandmothers. Highnote is an alternate spelling for my great grandmothers maiden name. my mother now uses the original spelling as her legal last name.

She has so many nick names, but the most commonly used one is Dissy. Thats why I use this name on most all my public personal/art accounts. She's also been called...

  • Dis
  • Disha
  • Disaster
  • and Idiot

16. Are they religious?

No not really. She's an extension of myself, so she shares the same spiritual belifes as I do. But she practices more Wicca than I do in real life...so maybe she calls her self Wiccan or Pagan? Where in reality I myself just identify(??) as spiritually connected.

24. Do you know their MBTI type?

Same as me! INFP

25. What is their biggest flaw?

She is actively annoying. Like, she makes a point to annoy people. (something I try not to do too constantly IRL, but if I wasnt so anxious I would lol) She just thinks its funny to poke and prod and it causes a lot of problems for her. Also she has awful impulse control. ( i try to keep my impulses at bay, but my sona, fuck it, i want ehr to do whatever the hell she wants.) she ends up in a lot of dumb situations during rp or drawing her. like stealing or drinking too much.

93 OC asks

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1. What is their gender?

2. What is their sexuality?

3. What is the meaning behind their name? Do they have any nicknames?

4. Do they have any siblings? How many? Are they older or younger? Which sibling are they the closest with?

5. What's their relationship with their parents like? What about other relatives?

6. What would they give their life for?

7. Are they in a romantic relationship? With who? How did they meet?

8. What do they believe will happen to them after they die? Does this belief scare them?

9. What is their favorite color? Favorite animal?

10. What are some of their talents/skills?

11. If they could make a mark on history, what would they like it to be?

12. How old are they? When is their birthday?

13. What do they do for fun?

14. What is their favorite food? How often do they get to eat it?

15. What was something their parents taught them?

16. Are they religious?

17. Where were they born?

18. What languages can they speak? Where did they learn these languages?

19. What is their occupation?

20. Do they have any titles? How did they earn them?


21. What is their favorite thing about their personality?

22. What is their least favorite thing about their personality?

23. Do they get lonely easily?

24. Do you know their MBTI type?

25. What is their biggest flaw?

26. Are they aware of their flaws?

27. What is their biggest strength?

28. Are they aware of their strengths?

29. How would they describe their own personality?

30. When frightened, will they resort to “fight” or “flight”?

31. Does this character ever put somebody else’s needs before their own? Who do they do this for? How often do they do this?

32. What is their self esteem like?

33. What is their biggest fear? How would they react to having to face it?

36. What is their sense of humor like? Give an example of a joke they would find humorous.

37. How easy is it for them to say “I love you”? Do they say it without meaning it?

38. What do others admire most about their personality?

39. What does their happily ever after look like?

40. Who do they trust most? Is that trust mutual?

Physical Profile:

41. What does their laugh sound like? Do they snort when they laugh? How often do they laugh?

42. What is their favorite thing about their physical appearance?

43. What is their least favorite thing about their physical appearance?

44. Do they have any scars? If so, what are the stories behind those scars?

45. How would they describe their own appearance?

46. How easily can they express emotions? How easily can they hide emotions?

47. What’s their pain tolerance like?

48. Do they have any tattoos? What are the stories behind those tattoos?

49. Do they have any piercings?

50. How would you describe their style of clothing? How would they describe their style of clothing?

51. What is their height? Weight?

52. What is their body type? Are they muscular, chubby, skinny, etc?

53. What is their hair color? Eye color? Skin tone?

54. What is their current hairstyle? What have been some of their past hairstyles? Which was their favorite hairstyle?

55. What is their alcohol tolerance like? What kind of drunk are they? How bad are their hangovers?

56. What do they smell like? Why do they smell like this? (Is it the things they’re around or a perfume they wear?)

57. How do they feel about sex? Are they a virgin?

58. What is their most noticeable physical attribute?

59. What does their resting face look like? Do they have RBF?

60. Describe the way they sleep.


61. Which season is their favorite season?

62. Have they ever been betrayed? How did it affect their ability to trust others?

63. What is always guaranteed to make them smile?

64. Do they get cold easily? Do they get overheated easily?

65. What’s their immune system like? Do they get sick often? How do they react to getting sick?

66. Where do they live? Do they like it there?

67. Is their bedroom messy? What about their bathroom? Kitchen? Living room?

68. How did their environment growing up affect their personality?

69. How did the people in their environment growing up affect their personality?

70. How do they feel about animals? Do they have any pets?

71. How are they with children? Do they have any? Do they want any?

72. Would they rather have stability or comfort?

73. Do they prefer the indoors or outdoors?

74. What weather is their favorite? Do they like storms?

75. If given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?

76. How organized are they?

77. What is their most prized possession?

78. Who do they consider to be their best friend?

79. What is their economic situation?

80. Are they a morning person or a night owl?


81. Are they bothered by the sight of blood?

82. What is their handwriting like?

83. Can they swim? How well? Do they like to swim?

84. Which deadly sin do they represent best?

85. Do they believe in ghosts?

86. How do they celebrate holidays? How do they celebrate birthdays?

87. What is something they regret?

88. Do they have an accent?

89. What is their D&D alignment?

90. Are they right or left handed?

91. If they were a tweet, what tweet would they be?

92. Describe them as a John Mulaney gif.

93. What’s the most iconic line of dialogue they’ve ever said?