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Waterparks covered by melancholia | I miss having sex but at least I don't wanna die anymore (waterparks cover)

I'm practicing this song and I love it. One day when I get some decent recording stuff I'll record my own songs and covers better. Idk.

Melancholia | Ghost

Woah I didnt listen to this before I posted it but hey o well

This is a song I wrote a few years ago. There's music to it but I didnt wanna try to play my gutair. One day I'll actually record this better

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Zombie The Cranberries

If y'all don't know about the amazing world of electro swing you do now. You're welcome.

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[volume and flashing lights warning]

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When they pumped out your guts Filled you full of those pills You were never quite right Deserving all the chills

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what did i miss

melancholia -

an absolute banger by my boi Gerard


I desperately need more variation in my stream. So heres a second tag post.

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glitteratti asked:

4 and 12 for the music asks!

4. you know how sometimes you'll stumble upon a song and really like it but not any of the other songs by that artist? which song is like that for you?

Drunk Again by Big Reel Fish

12. what's a really obscure song that you love?

I Quit You by Nigel Silverthorn

[Here is a link to it uwu](https://nigelsilverthorn.bandcamp.com/track/i-quit-you" ""I)

Waterparks | TANTRUM

[[IMAGE:[[47967So, excuse my tantrum can't you see I've got my hands full?[[IMAGE:[[47968



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Mars Argo | Be Easy