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its v early and im v tired. maybe sleeps soon. still binging korra tho

Wanna use this site more again. Rlly want mobile app tho

i feel like total death

going through withdrawls

why is getting antidepressants so hard for me rn

guess who moved back to their home state because they flunked out of college


Hi! I'm Dissy. I'm 22 years old with only 2/3rds of an associate's degree and over 3,000 dollars in debt due to med bills. 🙃

God I gotta be more active.on here

ahhh i jsut wanna draw but i didnt bring my sketch book to class with me so now im jsut sitting here like fsdkfgblrigjetlsdfg

good morning lovely people

ive been off lately

but hey i lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks so yeethaw

Little things that make me happy #5

When cats do that little mrrrrpp thing when you wake them up.

You can be art. You just need to learn how to work with the materials you're given.

Srry I've been less active. I'm going thru some stuff 😖


im looking at raw sapphire stones on etsy

i already spent 50 dollars on amazon on vitamins and sketchbooks. and like a hat and cat treats.

gotta save my money

i do not nEED THE STONES

Possible spoilers

Did the movie just set up more for the series???

He's gotta save the earth from dying again right? There was so much of that stuff pumped into the earth.

Also wtf. Where did Spinel get that injector? I dont recall if they ever said where she got it?

In a bit confused on the time line too. Like how soon after We Need To Talk did the movie take place? Like just a few months? A year?

Got a lot of questions. I need to wait for an upload to rewatch it and take it all in.

Me in the summer: Wow, I'm so depressed and I hate everything. I wish my classes would start so I can focus on something motivating.

Me when classes start: Wow! This would be a great time to pick up three other time-consuming obsessions.

The void swallows me whole

I think im starting to realize why I've always been attracted to androgyny.

I think I might be some kind of nb or something? I mean...im v in touch with my femininity. also female pronouns don't bother me, but I don't always feel like I want to...idk...present that way? they/them pronouns seems like it would feel nice sometimes. I've always felt weird saying im cis? like...it doesn't feel completely right?

It all goes hand in hand with my sexuality though?? like....I feel this switch sometimes...usually when im like....u kno...getting it on. So I could be wrong. Maybe this is all some sort of Switch thing? Maybe my hormones are out of balance? I honestly have no idea.

I've never really spoken about this too much...I've always felt like it wasn't that big a deal. I've known and dated so many trans and nb people that...my experiences never really compared to theirs, and I felt like me talking about it would....idk....demean their experiences (idk if thats the right word). Most of the people I know with some identity other than cis have always kinda known I think? idk... I've never been certain though, about any aspect of my identity, even out of situations like sexuality and gender.

when I was little I knew I was attracted to androgyny. I had a thing for emo boys u know lol. I wanted to be that stick thin pretty girl who, if she wanted, could pass for androgynous or even male sometimes. Cosplay was a big thing that pushed that out of me too. But I've always been curvy and with a babyface. So I just tried to embrace it and live completely feminine but still cosplaying males for the sake of cosplay. Sometimes I would just me fem versions of my characters because I felt I couldn't pull off a masculine or even androgynous look.

I think a lot also has to go hand in hand with my distaste for my chub. I wanna be ...not stick thin but...way smaller than I am now.

Please comment or ask me your experiences??? just like...give me some insight if you have the spoons for that.

Comment below if you think I should start posting my cosplay to this account or if I should repurpose one of my blogs for cosplay.

I dont think that guy is gonna text me :/

O well

I tried

Back to being lonely

im gonna do it

im gonna give that cute person my number on a sticky that says "i like your smile"

my heart is beating rlly fast aaaaaaa

I'll probably lose a lot of my visual acuity with my eyesight by 30 because of staring at a computer screen for hours on end starting at age....wow idk...3 maybe? i can't remember a time in my life where i didn't use a computer. ALSO, I'll most likely experience some form of hearing loss by age 30 due to the loud ass music I listen to and have listened too for most my life.

outwardly ill most likely stay pretty similar until 30 or 40, ill lose some elasticity, but I feel with my genetics and lifestyle itll most likely stay the same. i expect some sort of weight change, either gaining or losing, depending on how my life changes,

oo im loving this new dashboard length going on. its easier to see posts

You know what gives me and my chubby baby face hope?

Gerard Way.

If he can be a hot babe with a baby face then so can I.

Little things that make me happy #4

Gerard Way's face.