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light-field -

the life just b like You Are Compelled To Do As Much Shit As Possible While Finishing Nothing

tiddywife-deactivated-2020AprThu-200409070409-499 -

im the dumbass that spams u when you're busy and can't respond so u come back to 87 messages in a row

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mcatnip -

two or more people: talk at the same time

my brain: oh fuck oh shit oh fuck

saphchaos -

if I post Homestuck cosplay full body shots or anything that don't look like selfies expect them to have been taken by my dork: melancholia

melancholia -

That me!

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rosefairy -

How do you all identify as and what’s your favorite flower?💐

peachy-queer -

Me: *had to do one (1) thing I didn't want to do*

My hell brain: t i m e t o d i s s o c i a t e :):):)

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transwerewolf -

If I don't do things the moment my passion strikes they don't get done

maltsea asked:

11 and 12

11.A movie you could watch over and over again

First movie that came to my mind was the My Little Pony Movie. I have it downloaded onto my laptop for flights.

12. Favorite book

-Sweats- I don't...read books that often,,, It's so hard to pay attention and I forget what I read. Plus the letters get all mixed up.

I read Homestuck. Can that count? It was long and hard to do and during the years I read it I retained almost nothing, but I remember some and I really cared about it at the time.

mage-of-time asked:

4 & 13

4. A food you could eat forever and not get bored of

Hmmm, I like a lot of foods, so this is kinda hard to pick. I'm gonna give a cop-out answer and say Chinese food. uwu

13. You have the opportunity to keep any animal as a pet, what would you choose

Oof another really hard question. I've had lots of pets and there are so many animals I wish I could keep, but I know that in reality, it would be pretty wrong to keep them. Maybe an Ocelot or a Serval.

ok-computer -

*thinks about boys* :D 💞💞💞

*thinks about girls* :D 💞💞💞

*thinks about nonbinary peeps* :D 💞💞💞

nap asked:

Aisha, Blumaroo, Bruce, Chia, Elephante, Eyrie, Kau, and Tonu!

Aisha – Who do you idol?

Gerard Way!

Blumaroo – Do you have any chronic illnesses?


Bruce – Do you have any pet?

I have 3 cats and a dog! Look at themmmm

Chia – Tell me something about your childhood.

Me and my little brother used to have a whole world for roleplay with our plushies. Our bedroom was called Sunny Valley and thats were most of our families would live. We'd use Mardi gras beads as currency.

Elephante – Whats bothering you right now?

My body hurts so bad. And my anxiety is making my heart do jumps

Eyrie – Do you have a crush?

I have lots of crushes, but I guess nothing too serious as of rn. I've been caught up with my exes though.

Kau – Pastel colors or dark colors?

Oof both.

Tonu – Are you and your family close? Why or why not?

Very close on my moms side. Me and my brother are close and my half siblings are pretty close too. Then my stepmoms family is p close but my dads fam is a bit distant.

crocodilerock-deactivated-2019SepThu-190905010905-4247 -

also I know it's super early, but I've been making a playlist of Christmas movies for all 25 days of Christmas (gtfo of here with that only 12 days rubbish) and I only have 16 D: pls tell me your fave Christmas movies!!!

vii -

i'm not sure if you already have it or are counting it, but the nightmare before christmas is a banger

also that rudolph the red nosed reindeer one. the claymation one with the eld that wants to be a dentist? it was my childhood wow

crocodilerock-deactivated-2019SepThu-190905010905-4247 -

I actually have both bc they're fucking classics

melancholia -

I watch Rent every Christmas/ New Year

maybexobaby-deactivated-2019JulSat-190727070720-6207 -

That neurodivergent feel when you're between hyperfixations and you're just kind of floating around with no real personality or interests anymore...

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plum -

I've narrowed down my problem here and though truly there are many the most damning one is this: most tops are butches or androgynous and I almost exclusively into femmes

melancholia -

There's gotta be more femme tops and switches out there. I can't be the only one.

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maybexobaby-deactivated-2019JulSat-190727070720-6207 -

peak spoonie bullshit is falling asleep some time after 4am, waking up mere minutes before 2pm, and still feeling tired

foxrockit -

i don't:

  1. know shit

  2. get stuff

  3. understand things

timeskip -

"straighten things up"? who the fuck do you think I am? if anything I'm going to gay things up. idiot.