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The Wild Animal Sanctuary

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Something... something...

Procreate practice. Didnt really get the feel for what I wanted. But hey its something.


Y'all I was so excited to drink this!!! Sakura Scented Nectar Peach. Its sweet (almost syrupy but in a good way) and fruity with a floral underlying flavor. I live love love it! It is literally pureed white peach with sakura extract. And absolute delight to drink! I'm going to look into getting more of this limited availability drink.



sailor moon

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by postsovenok on instagram

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a fine selection of felines

[ID: Goofy doodles of cats done in blue pen. Some of them make cat noises. The top of the page reads "cat time....". End ID.]

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love when someone goes through your latest posts and likes them all so you just see them for like ten notifications in a row

Some tiny girls practice. I dont draw a lot of slender girls. Felt like I needed to.

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Yo just a heads up, right now is when all the seasons will start to change and seasonal depression will start to effect you, especially when the sun starts to set earlier and darker colors are more popular and you'll be less likely to leave the house. It's ok to feel drained and emotionally/physically exhausted right now.

Keep your chin up, enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and find something to look forward to! Freshen up your space for the new season, re-arrange the furniture or buy an air freshener, it's easy to fall into a slump if you live in a dark cave!

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classic inconvienence

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my boyfriend got me this adorable ceramic wall hanging in the new forest village we visited and i love it so much!! we even saw a rabbit as we cycled there - meant to be! 🥰🌕🐇

I love those strong vertical lines, mmmmmm

I might finish the hair, I might not.

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Zombie The Cranberries

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"Les Chats, études pour un cachet" (ca.1894) | 🖼: Théophile A. Steinlen

it is biphobia that nobody is buying me these pyjamas

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im not bi but i also what these

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Colorado State Fair 8/28/2018