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Waterparks covered by melancholia | I miss having sex but at least I don't wanna die anymore (waterparks cover)

I'm practicing this song and I love it. One day when I get some decent recording stuff I'll record my own songs and covers better. Idk.

Melancholia | Ghost

Woah I didnt listen to this before I posted it but hey o well

This is a song I wrote a few years ago. There's music to it but I didnt wanna try to play my gutair. One day I'll actually record this better

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naiad -

Zombie The Cranberries

If y'all don't know about the amazing world of electro swing you do now. You're welcome.

When they pumped out your guts Filled you full of those pills You were never quite right Deserving all the chills

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alternative -

babushka -

what did i miss

melancholia -

an absolute banger by my boi Gerard


I desperately need more variation in my stream. So heres a second tag post.

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glitteratti asked:

4 and 12 for the music asks!

4. you know how sometimes you'll stumble upon a song and really like it but not any of the other songs by that artist? which song is like that for you?

Drunk Again by Big Reel Fish

12. what's a really obscure song that you love?

I Quit You by Nigel Silverthorn

[Here is a link to it uwu](https://nigelsilverthorn.bandcamp.com/track/i-quit-you" ""I)

Waterparks | TANTRUM

[[IMAGE:[[47967So, excuse my tantrum can't you see I've got my hands full?[[IMAGE:[[47968



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Mars Argo | Be Easy