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Inktober day 1: Ring

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Just Goth Girl Things~want art like this? consider commissioning me <3

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classic inconvienence

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My totally-not-a-fursona Chrissy

I'm still tryna figure out a story for her but i think she's gonna be a robot that builds n fixes other robots


totally not a furry guys she's a robot it doesn't count

I love those strong vertical lines, mmmmmm

I might finish the hair, I might not.

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stealing kisses from your missus

The precursor to Pox In Suits. Guest character Merinway and more Pox inspired by their canon fashions in this arc and a lot of pinterest deep diving to find weird shit befitting of this particular location

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I made a banner for my twitter account!

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rats! more rats! they’re here.

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bday gift for Penny B. Parker aka "Frappe GIrl" !! she turned 21 on Tuesday!!

heres some painting practice with an acorn squash i found on google images

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i'm kind of proud of this so reblogging it here

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a perfect specimen

its my take on flower kid! they will love you unconditionally and also eat dirt

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10 of Cups & XIV – Temperance | [The Tarot of Pagan Cats](http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/pagan-cats/ "The Tarot of Pagan Cats on Aeclectic Tarot) | 🖼: Lola Airaghi & Magdelina Messina


I had yet another one of my public art stints today.

Basically, during town festivals, I set up my gear outside my mom's art shop, along with a display so people can watch me work, in an attempt to drum up business for the art classes I teach to local kids. Normally, I would sketch something specifically for it and try to think of something near-universally recognizable (Ninja Turtles, Sonic, Spider-Man, etc), but I hapened to have a sketch of Entrapta lying around I really liked after I finished Season 3, so I figured I'd just work on that.

It paid off - plenty of kids came over cause they saw Entrapta on the screen, and I had a nice time cranking this one out (faster than expected to) and talking to plenty of people about my classes. I'm especially happy I got her face right.

maus -


I'll liven this place up with a recent personal piece I did of my mascot/namesake Maus, with some sushi!

Days 2-5 of #OutfitAugust (casual, formal, streetwear, swimwear). Prompts by lemonliger on twitter!

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hewwo nya >:3€

idk if anyone here likes she-ra but heres a glimmer i finished!!!

Heres a piece that I made for someone as a commission, their little kitty Zuri done in the geometric style!

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about me!!!! hello!!!!