some furry shiiiit. i was imagining my fursona as a "skinny queen".


hmmm art dump? yeah.


Day 5

Literally no one will care or understand this one except my close friends lol


Some tiny girls practice. I dont draw a lot of slender girls. Felt like I needed to.

I ordered a better stylus and it should be here tomorrow. So, I'll finish this then when I dont have to use this awful rubber crap.

We'll get yo+u all caught up o+n exactly who+'s been seen passing thro+ugh the well greased revo+lving do+o+rs to+ my quadrants.

Posting the line art because I like it better and may color it up traditionally or digitally? Idk yet. Consider this and last post WIP.

This took me all day. iPads are diff than my digital tablet.


The line art is better that the coloring but hey...this was just some practice.

🌹 Rosie 🌹


This was my final for my drawing 1 class

This is from a few months ago but hey, by blog has been pretty dead so I'll put her here. This is my little birdie Clementine

A sketch


Oops didn't rebubble here. This is a little prompt my bffs gave me. When I asked what to draw they both said "smores".


A shirt with the sprite logo but instead of "sprite" it says "spite"


you're welcome

a cute little shiny eevee pixel.

Tryign to get back into the swing of pixel art